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Property Managers: 2019 subjects are:

Registered Property Managers and Licensed Agents(who attended the Mandatory CPD for Property Managers in 2018) can attend this year's 3 hour mandatory CPD session which looks at the changes to the RTA to better assist victims of Family Domestic Violence and a closer look at the processes and practicalities in dealing with these changes, with the second half having a closer look at the abandonment of properties, the reasons and process. 

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Sales Representatives  : 2019 subject is:

This session reviews specific aspects of the sign up to settlement process with a particular emphasis on how practices can be improved in order to minimise the potential for disputes and dissatisfaction for either the buyer or seller during the process or post settlement.

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Licenced agents  : 2019 subjects are

The session will commence with a close look at the changes to family and domestic violence (FDV) provisions within the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (RTA).    The second part of the session will then look at business of managing risk within a residential agency, using a number of practical case studies to demonstrate improvement opportunities for all practitioners in bona fide control.

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Commercial Registrants  : 2019 subjects are

The session starts with a refresher on the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act 1985 (CTA) and a Leasing Agent or Property Manager’s responsibilities in relation to the Disclosure Statement.

It then continues into broader disclosure requirements under the Code of Conduct and Australian Consumer Law with particular emphasis on an Agent’s responsibilities with respect to Commercial Building Disclosure Program and identifying potential dangers in buildings for sale or lease.

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The Department is reviewing ALL elective CPD courses and as a result, all electives are having to be be re-submitted to the Department for their approval.  We are continuing to submit courses and are awaiting approval on quite a few.

Leadership, Culture And Compliance (7 POINTS) LIVE75

Our latest thought provoking, relevant and perceptive 7 point elective.  This course gives a guide to dimensions of leadership in a real estate context and how adopting this way of 'doing' will drive the ability to create and sustain exceptional customer service outcomes and create positive workplaces for all concerned.  Deloitte has identified that culture has always been important to how organizations operate. So why is it getting so much attention lately? One reason is that regulators have come to the realization that without a culture of integrity, organizations are likely to view their ethics and compliance programs as a set of check the-box activities, or even worse, as a roadblock to achieving their business objectives.  Look at how to incorporate the Code of Conduct as an integral part of the business

Strata Sale Pitfalls (3.5 points) LIVE74

Tracey Mills presents this informative workshop to provide a better understanding of the differences between strata title sales and other freehold sales and the relevant documentation required.  It looks at risks involved in selling strata properties and how following procedures can minimise these risks. It also includes an update on the pending strata reform. 

Commercial Insight (7 points) LIVE73

This is a another great elective developed and delivered by Darryl Stewart from Esteem Legal. He covers The Personal Property Securities Act 2009, fixtures and fittings and the PPSA, quiet enjoyment, breach notices and forfeiture and types of entities.  Very relevant and informative for all commercial real estate specialists.

PCR and Inspection Perfection (3.5 POINTS) 

Whether you rely on outsourced PCR's or do them yourself, this is a great course for property managers on the new legal requirements surrounding PCR's and inspections as well as various tools available to make life easier and delivered by an experienced trainer who used to run a business doing PCR's!

Supervising your Trust Account Software (3.5 Points) 

Learn how to use your property management software to get the critical information you need to effectively supervise your property management and sales departments.  This course is not designed to teach you how to operate your trust account software, rather we aim to show you how to access the program to monitor your trust account operations. Make sure you can get the reports you need, whenever you need them.  DONT exclusively rely on your staff for this information.  Surprise your auditor with your knowledge and competence!  We will also give you pointers on protecting your trust account from fraud as well as setting up security controls on your database.  This course is for REST users.

Understanding your bank reconciliation (3.5 Points) 

Make sure you can confidently answer any queries your auditor may have about your Bank Reconciliation reports.  Be prepared for your forthcoming audit and avoid any nasty surprises!.  Licensee’s AND property managers alike will benefit from this hands on course in which we work through reconciling a trust account over several months.  That means we do THREE reconciliations.  Unfortunately we discover plenty of errors so we also cover how to correct them and not carry them forward month after month.  Trust me, I am a real estate agent and EVERY single agent in bona fide control should do this course.  Also great for trust accountants and property managers in learning trust account compliance.

Commercial Pitfalls (7 POINTS) 

 Presented by Darrell Stewart of Esteem Legal Pty Ltd                           

  • Learn about the changes to the Retail Tenancies Act
  • "Know your Lease" - review of the problematic issues with leases
  • Case studies and how to avoid becoming a real life horror story!
  • Due Diligence 101 which focusses on what lawyers check on when dealing with a commercial lease or sale, including checklists which highlight the wide ranging areas that need to be looked at when selling or leasing commercial property.
  • Disclosures and what are required
  • Potential misleading and deceptive conduct issues
  • Legal updates about the latest leasing and sale contract decisions from the High Court, Supreme Court, District Court and SAT

The Court Whisperer (3.5 POINTS) 

CPD Approval Number LIVE76 

Make your next court appearance as stress free and successful as possible.  This is a great workshop stepping you through preparing for court, correct documentation, service of notice, court etiquette and other tips.  Presented by a Licensed Agent who works as a property manager AND is a JP!  Feedback from experienced property managers who did this course last year was overwhelmingly positive. 

Resolving conflict at work (3.5 points) 

CPD APPROVAL NUMBER LIVE43   Presented by Richard Boyd

This is a great workshop on the types of conflict and how they impact upon business morally, legally and in terms of productivity.  Learn techniques for resolving conflict as well as designing and implementing a conflict resolution strategy.  Richard also discusses relevant legislation and the role of leadership in creating safe workplaces.  Ideal for property managers and licencees.

Data and identity protection (3.5 points) 

CPD Approval Number LIVE36   Presented by Richard Boyd

Lets ask the question - what is your IT plan for the agency??  Do you have an IT Plan??  Can you trust your IT people with the security and integrity of your network??  In todays environment this course is a must.

  • Security for your Computer, Smart Phones, Tablets & Network
  • What information do you hold and who is responsible for it
  • How can you protect the identify information of your clients
  • Backing up your data
  • Offsite backup & data storage who is in control of your data
  • Anti spam, Anti Virus and Identity Theft

Perfecting Property Management (7 Points) 

The art of property management is an ongoing learning curve and Livepm are the trainers to guide you through an informative day, with;

  1. Appraising property in an ever changing marketplace
  2. Legislation relating to property management including Restricted Dogs, Pools and Maintenance
  3. Risk Management – an ongoing awareness is needed
  4. Routine Inspections, keys, and other bits and pieces
  5. Case studies covering everything from the kitchen sink to noisy romantic tenants!!!!!!!
  6. Presentation from Landgate on titles and the Interest Inquiry register, not to be missed.

Trust Account Pitfalls (3.5 Points) 

Scenarios, case studies and activities to increase knowledge and awareness of trust account compliance and legislation
This course is ideal for Licensees AND those property managers finding themselves responsible for day to day trust accounting. A manual bank reconciliation to consolidate your knowledge is also completed.


Learn about the legislation governing real estate agents trust accounts and trust account compliance in general.  If you are a property manager that does any trust accounting at all, then this is a great starter course to learn about various legislations affect your daily trust accounting work.  Learn how to comply with trust account legislation and in doing do, ensure your licensee doesnt get into trouble through your mistakes!  We also cover how to correct common trust account problems and errors and enter corrections.  For example, calculating and then refunding overcharged management fees and GST, tenant rent refunds, bond top ups and refunds.

"This course is ideal for property managers new to trust accounting"


This workshop is designed for the busy principal covering a wide range of case studies including sales, property management, trust accounts and general day to day agency scenarios. 



CPPDSM4006a Establish and manage agency trust accounts ($400)

CPD APPROVAL NUMBER LIVE33    Presented by Jenny Denness

The CPPDSM4006a  provides students with a unit of competency towards the CPP40307 Certificate IV  in Property Services (Real Estate).  This unit will improve property managers understanding of trust accounting procedures and will assist in employability as a trust account manager.  Some more information on this course is here in the course brochure. Read more about our Complaints and Appeals Policy here.

Course requirements:

  • minimum of 18 years of age
  • Have a high level of verbal and written English (you will have to understand legal contracts and other documentatiion)
  • Employed in the Real Estate industry
  • Have your own laptop
Further information to assist students can be found here in our Participant Handbook.